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A divorce can be one of the most challenging and emotional experiences a family can go through, even when the decision to part ways was mutual. At any given moment, issues can arise over property division, child custody arrangements, alimony, and even paternity, so it’s important to have a skilled and dedicated divorce lawyer on your side to ensure you and your loved ones’ rights are protected. The Law Offices of Jodie Bassichis, P.A. are here to offer you the legal guidance and support you and your family deserve during this tough time and will stand by your side throughout the entire duration of your case.

Jodie Bassichis is an experienced divorce lawyer and family attorney in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, FL who will take you and your family’s needs into consideration in order to secure a positive outcome for your case. As a former Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and litigator, Attorney Bassichis has a thorough understanding of Florida

Family Law and will fight for your rights during your divorce or legal separation proceedings. Whether you need assistance with filing a postnuptial agreement, determining child support payments, establishing guardianship, or would like to begin family counseling, our Hollywood family law attorneys will protect you and your loved ones’ best interests and obtain a swift resolution for your case.

Our firm also represents families involved in domestic violence cases as well as individuals who have been falsely accused of assault, handles issues pertaining to paternity and fathers’ rights, handles cases involving post decree judgments, and a variety of other family law issues. When the Law Offices of Jodie Bassichis, P.A. are on your case, rest assured you and your family’s needs will be fully taken care of.

Successfully Representing Families in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, FL Since 1992

Jodie Bassichis and the Florida divorce attorneys at our firm have been successfully representing the interests of families located in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, FL since 1992. Our experience in the field of family law has helped us navigate through the complexities of divorce, child custody and domestic violence cases in order to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. Whether you are contemplating filing for divorce or require assistance with mediation, trust that family law attorney Jodie Bassichis will not rest until a fair resolution for your case is attained.

Turn to the Law Offices of Jodie Bassichis today for assistance with any of the following divorce and family law matters:
Legal Separation
Marriage Annulment
Prenuptial Agreements
Postnuptial Agreements
Property and Asset Division
Child Custody
Alimony (Spousal Support)
Wills and Trusts
Domestic Violence

Know Your Rights

There is always a fine print when it comes to a divorce or legal separation case in Hollywood or Fort Lauderdale, FL. Florida’s family laws are intricate and difficult to understand without the help of a skilled divorce attorney, and just one small mistake can prolong a case and lead parties to forsake their right to assets, alimony and even child custody. Parties involved in a family law or divorce case may not have a full understanding of their rights, but our attorneys are here to help. Family law attorney Jodie Bassichis will explain the details of your case thoroughly so you have a solid understanding of your rights and what you can expect during and after proceedings.

Below is some useful information regarding the state’s family laws so you can have an understanding of your rights:

Property And Asset Division

Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that all property and assets acquired during the marriage will be divided fairly, but not necessarily equally. Florida courts consider several factors before determining who gets what, including the length of the marriage and each spouse’s financial situation. Unfortunately, there are times when an individual is denied their rightful benefits. However, when you have Jodie Bassichis as your divorce lawyer, you can rest assured you will not lose assets that are rightfully yours. Attorney Bassichis will review your prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, will represent you in court and will work diligently so you can walk away from your case with your fair share in property and assets.

Alimony and Child Support

As intricate as the laws regarding property and asset division are, the same challenges apply when determining alimony (spousal support) and child support in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, FL. When parties are unaware of their benefits with either form of support, they may inadvertently waive their right to one or both. Florida divorce attorney Jodie Bassichis will not allow you to be taken advantage of. Our firm will offer you the superior legal representation you deserve in order to secure the support you are rightfully entitled to.

Child Custody

Perhaps the most difficult and arduous aspect of a divorce case is determining child custody arrangements. In Florida, child custody can be granted to either parent and does not consider the parent’s gender as a deciding factor. Custody will be based on the best interests of the child and will consider factors including the child’s relationship with either parent, the parent’s ability to provide for the child, history of physical, verbal, sexual, or substance abuse, and several others. Unless the court finds reason to doubt either parent’s ability to care for the child, joint custody will be the preferred custody arrangement, which in Florida, is referred to as “time-sharing.” With the time sharing option, one parent will be awarded physical custody while the other will be granted generous visitation rights.

Unfortunately, courts don’t always make the right decision, and there are times when one parent will try to deny the other their rightful time with their child. If this has happened to you or if you fear your spouse will try to deny you custody of your child, turn to our family law attorneys right away to protect your rights. Our firm is dedicated to your case and will help establish a custody arrangement that works for both parents and especially considering the needs of the child or children involved. Our goal is to help resolve your family issues as quickly and successfully as possible and make all suggestions and decisions with all of your loved ones’ needs in mind.

For assistance with divorce, legal separation or any family law matter in Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood, FL, turn to the Law Offices of Jodie Bassichis today and let us help protect you and your loved ones rights.

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