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The Law Offices of Jodie Bassichis, P.A., is located in Hollywood, Florida. Attorney Jodie Bassichis represents clients throughout South Florida in various family law matters. As a former Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and experienced litigator, Jodie Bassichis is able to seek a favorable resolution on your behalf in a number of ways.

Do you have a family law need that requires the assistance of a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale? For help with divorce, child residence, timesharing, paternity and other family law issues, call the Law Offices of Jodie Bassichis at 954-963-7300. You may also fill out a contact Link to Contact Us form and someone from our firm will be in touch with you promptly.

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The Dissolution of Marriage process involves separating and analyzing a life that two people once shared. During that time, children may have been born, homes purchased, and property, assets and debts were acquired. Our firm offers a complete line of support and help to protect those in need of legal assistance in divorce, paternity and other family law issues. We represent parents who may or may not be divorcing but are in need to resolve issues regarding child(ren) timesharing, residence, and child support, both current and retroactive. We also represent people who are victims of domestic violence, as well as those who have been falsely accused of domestic violence. We champion a host of fathers’ rights and paternity issues. Additionally, we provide legal representation to people in post decree matters, such as modification, enforcement, contempt and relocation in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Difference an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Can Make

When it comes to family matters, especially divorce or legal separation, it is imperative that families obtain an experienced attorney’s help. There are an endless number of rules and regulations that govern the divorce process in Florida, and just one small mistake can lead parties to forsake their rightful benefits when it comes to property division, alimony or even child custody.

Parties are not always aware of the full extent of their rights or the laws surrounding a dissolution of marriage in Florida. Even couples that agree to the divorce or legal separation can start a case off amicably, but then enter into bitter disputes over assets or matters concerning children. Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning that all marital property will be divided fairly, but not necessarily evenly. Several factors will be considered, including the length of the marriage and the contribution each spouse has made, but there are many times in which parties had a right to obtain a particular asset and were denied this right. The same confusing and intricate laws apply to matters such as spousal support or child custody arrangements. If parties are unaware of what to expect during proceedings or what they are entitled to, they may lose out on alimony or having joint or even full custody of their children.

Because of the complexities involved in family law, it is important to have an experienced Florida divorce lawyer on your side who understands every aspect of your case and who will make sure your rights are thoroughly protected. Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Jodie Bassichis not only takes care of all the paperwork involved in filing a dissolution of marriage in the state, but will represent you in court and also serve as a mediator to ensure all disagreements are resolved as smoothly and quickly as possible. A divorce case in Fort Lauderdale can drag on for months or even years at a time, especially if the couple has children from the marriage. However, with the legal expertise of Attorney Bassichis, you can rest easy knowing that the best interests of your loved ones will always be the main focus and priority of the case and can trust that proceedings will resolve as favorably as possible.

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